Contract manufacturing

From planning to production, we provide everything from a single source!

We manufacture assemblies in accordance with customer requirements and our in-house development engineering department provides in-depth production expertise for planning, design, and production engineering, in addition to advice in choosing the right materials.

Lohse Maschinenbau offers

Engineering advice and support with implementation
Development engineering

  • Design, engineering and production drawings in accordance with customer requirements

We work on the basis of your ideas or plans to design solutions for the specific application, and to create products that meet your specifications – from one-off parts to entire series.

Innovation, outstanding technical expertise and dedicated employees with many years of experience allow us to produce and deliver your products in record time.

Production engineering

  • Advice with choosing materials
  • Advice about production methods

Enjoy the benefits of contract manufacturing

New systems and modern technology

Simplify your processes by outsourcing your job orders. Our state-of-the-art systems are ready and waiting. We manufacture high-precision components using modern technologies. Our contract manufacturing is tailored to large parts and precision parts, as well as sheet metal components. Our strengths are flexibility, vertical product diversification and specialists with above-average expertise.

Reduce costs

You benefit from the outstanding quality of our products, which we manufacture for you on a contract basis. You save the expense of investing in an expensive machine park. By outsourcing to us, you eliminate the need for your own experts and specially trained personnel.


You no longer have to worry about fluctuating capacities, and you also benefit from the availability of state-of-the-art process technology. Contract manufacturing – the perfect strategy for reducing costs!

Highest quality level

Of course, quality in mechanical contract manufacturing is important. Our extensive machine park enables the high-precision manufacture of everything from simple workpieces to the most complex turned and/or milled parts.


Numerous certifications and our quality inspection are your guarantee for optimal products.


  • Certified to DIN EN 9001
  • Acceptance inspection certificates in accordance with DIN EN 10204
  • HP-0 certification in connection with DIN EN ISO 3834 e.g. for pressure equipment and qualified welding personnel
  • Mobile spectral analysis of iron-based materials
  • Acceptance according to DIN EN 1090-2 EXC 3 with factory production control FPC
  • Certified specialist in accordance with the WHG water resources law

Examples of products

  • Centrifuges
  • Complex turned and milled parts and components
  • Complex large welded assemblies
  • Impeller hubs
  • Pressure tanks
  • Test chambers
  • Mixing tanks
  • Fans and wind tunnels
  • Complex screw and spiral conveyors